About Oxium LLC…


Oxium LLC is a unique company that uses a patented nanotechnology known as “The Micronetic Process” to create breakthrough, life-changing products from water.

By changing the fundamental structure and behavior of water at a molecular level, we give good old-fashioned H2O a whole new level of superpowers. Our Micronetic-processed water can do amazing things, such as:

And here is perhaps the most amazing point – All Oxium products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and FDA rated as GRAS (“Generally Regarded As Safe”). But then that should come as no surprise, since all of these products are created from pure water.


The origin of Oxium LLC and the Micronetic Process…

The Micronetic process was originally developed in the 1990’s by Oxium founder and chief scientist William Reed. Reed ran a concrete construction company that was constantly fighting the rapid degradation of concrete in the Florida Keys. Constant exposure to salt water and other factors caused widespread problems for anything made out of concrete. Reed experimented with all the different waterproofing techniques available, but they all failed for the same reason – They couldn’t penetrate the concrete. They only covered the surface, which did nothing to stop the steel and concrete degradation that was already taking place deep inside.

Reed determined the only way to properly save degrading concrete was to penetrate deep into the cement matrix, as much as 8 to 10 inches deep.

Unfortunately, there were no products to penetrate concrete more than an eighth of an inch, so Reed began experimenting with magnetics and other technologies that would literally restructure and reorganize water molecules.

By breaking the naturally-cohesive bond of water molecules, (and using a few other proprietary trade secrets), Reed was able to produce astounding results never seen before. This includes penetrating existing hardened concrete with fluids as deep as 10 inches.

As Reed learned more about this new technology he had created, he found he could change the behavior of the fluid by modifying the manufacturing processes and the compounds in the water. The original formulation for concrete was modified to produce similar results with pool plaster. More modifications uncovered a solution to remove rust from metal already in the concrete.

Ongoing experimentation yielded more and more amazing products, from wood restoration to cleaning up oil spills, to an amazing firestopping product that is basically impervious to heat.

Recognizing the incredible value of these breakthrough technologies, Reed partnered with other trusted experts in a variety of associated industries, and formed Oxium LLC, to bring these life-changing products to market.


Partnerships with Oxium LLC

Oxium’s goal is to propagate the developed and developing technologies created by inventor and founder of Micronetics Technologies, William C. Reed. Oxium LLC is the vehicle for the marketing, manufacturing, sale, and/or licensing of the technologies to the world, either independently, or with specific strategic alliances that focus on individual disciplines.

Oxium products are innovative, simple to use, environmentally safe, and offer longer lifecycles, lower costs, and greater speed of use. If you are interested in partnering with Oxium on the distribution of any of our products, please contact us here.

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