AquaPlex Water Systems


Healthy solutions for drinking, bathing, swimming, sanitation, and crops.

The AquaPlex Water Systems provide a variety of healthy solutions for managing important water uses, such as:

Pool Water Therapeutic Bathing Water Agricultural Production
Pond Water Municipal Water Sanitation Fish Farming / Management
Drinking Water Industry & Manufacturing And Much More…

Thanks to the nanotechnology of Micronetically-processed water from Oxium, the AquaPlex Water Systems provide significant advantages over traditional processes. For example:

  • AquaPlex swimming pools use less chemicals, feel soft and silky, and stay cleaner longer.
  • AquaPlex ponds and reservoirs stay naturally healthy and clear, just like nature intended.
  • Clear, crisp AquaPlex drinking water is the best you’ve ever tasted.
  • AquaPlex bathing water is more buoyant and invigorating, and addresses aches and pains.
  • Municipalities can save money and reduce chemical usage with AquaPlex.
  • Manufacturers can safely and cost-effectively clean their processing wastewater.
  • Farmers can use less fertilizer and yield the same or better results.
  • Farmed fish (and bait) are healthier and live longer with AquaPlex water.

All variations of AquaPlex water are completely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

There’s an AquaPlex system for every water need.

Here are some of the more popular AquaPlex water systems currently in us.

AQUAPLEX AQUANON is designed for residential swimming pools and spas. It adds buoyancy to the water while turning the water a natural sky blue. It improves overall water quality and maintains pH balance while reducing overall chemical demand. It can also assist in cleaning residuals (such as scale) from pool walls and equipment. Water processed with the AquaPlex Aquanon system is a significant improvement over existing technologies, because the application is PERMANENT.

AQUAPLEX WATERRA – The AquaPlex Waterra System is designed for larger volume applications such as commercial pools, spas, ponds, lakes and reservoirs. It can also used for potable water processing and industrial wastewater applications.

AQUAPLEX WATER THERAPY SYSTEMS – The AquaPlex Water Therapy System offers impressive relief from aches and pains. The water provides a soothing yet invigorating effect after immersion. With added minerals and salts, the AquaPlex rate of dissolution allows those ingredients to work like never before. In addition, Oxium has developed a frequency induced vibrational system that adds subsequent healing effects to the water itself.

AQUAPLEX AGRISYS – The AquaPlex Agrisys Solution uses oxygen bonded to the existing water molecule, thereby improving the soil by natural aeration, nutrient delivery and assimilation. It can be applied in all forms of aquaculture, agriculture and hydroponics. The AquaPlex Agrisys Sustenen Solution is specifically treated to extend the life of cut flowers. With no additives, we extended the life of various cut flowers by 30 to 45 days.

AQUAPLEX OCTACELL – AquaPlex Octacell is Micronetically-processed drinking water with a clean, clear and crisp taste unlike any other drinking water available. The AquaPlex Octacell home system provides the ideal answer to all your water needs.

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