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Firestall, created using Micronetic water technology, provides a safe and effective means to suppress, contain and prevent fires.

Developed by Oxium LLC, FireStall is a clean, biodegradable, non-toxic, water-based product that withstands intense heat, and dramatically extends the time it takes for water to be evaporated as steam. Thus, it provides outstanding capabilities in extinguishing existing fires and preventing future fires.

  • Heat resistance up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Works on virtually any flammable material, such as wood, paper, cotton, fabric, trees, etc.
  • Can be delivered as a vapor which then converts to a gel, creating the perfect firewall.
  • Demonstrated to last at least 5 years when applied as a gel.
  • Can stop a raging forest fire dead in its tracks.

Like all Oxium products, it’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and FDA rated as GRAS (“Generally Regarded As Safe”).


How it works…

FireStall stops the ignition entirely on virtually any material, by creating an impenetrable barrier between the flame and the fuel. Intense heat is absorbed and released within seconds.

It can be delivered as a liquid fog which then converts to gel within seconds. This can be done from the ground, or from the air, as appropriate. It can also be applied as a gel from various types of water-type fire extinguishers, including a homeowner’s pre-charged cylinder system. It has exceptional cling and adhesion characteristics to virtually any surface.

Once applied, the FireStall product will convert from its gel state back to a liquid state when water is added. Within a few days, if left untouched, the material will eventually lose its water content, and convert to a powdery substance. This substance will convert back again to a liquid if it is mixed with water. In either case, the material leaves no odor, residue, or greasy film, and is completely biodegradable. Clean up from virtually any surface is accomplished with nothing more than water.

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