NACURA: A Natural Solution
for Healthy Skin


Nacura products address a wide range of skin ailments.

The Nacura products, and JungaJoos in particular, are designed to work with the body’s own healing mechanisms to speed up the healing process, and relieve pain faster than traditional over-the-counter remedies. Based on an all-natural formula utilizing no less than 77 unique minerals and nutrients, the products are “super-powered” through the patented Micronetic Process developed by Oxium LLC, making them much more readily absorbed by the body.

“JungaJoos” is the base formulation of the Nacura brand, which addressing all sorts of common skin ailments, including:

• Cuts • Poison Ivy/Poison Oak • Sunburn1
• Scrapes, Abrasions • Diaper rash • Heat burns
• Bee & wasp stings • Road rash • Chemical burns
• Insect bites, fire ants • Bruises & swelling2 • Shingles, Eczema3

1 – JungaJoos “SUN X” utilizes the primary components of the base JungaJoos formula, but with special natural additives to achieve a burn formula that is second to none. It will immediately bring relief and cooling to the afflicted area, and promotes prompt healing of the skin, with minimal peeling or blistering in the case of sunburn.

2 – JungaJoos “Deep 80” is a formulation designed to provide muscular and joint pain relief. The Deep 80 formula has shown dramatic pain relief in gout, muscular sprains, muscle burn, joint swelling, and arthritic conditions. We have many testimonials on improved movement and relief from swelling, knee problems, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel, back pain, and other such conditions.

3 – JungaJoos “AntiVira” is a special formulation designed to help address bacteria and virus-based skin afflictions such as shingles, eczema, psoriasis, atopic or other dermatitis, etc. The Antivira formula is not a cure-all for these conditions, but it provides relief and comfort where other products and topical solutions have failed.

We believe the body is the healing miracle,
and JungaJoos is the fuel that fosters that healing.

With the application of Jungajoos, healing is expedited and pain is relieved. Thanks to Oxium’s nanotechnology, the nutrient required to promote the healing is delivered directly to the area where it’s needed, in a molecular composition that is much easier for the body to readily absorb.

“Bill, just a note to thank you for the JungaJoos. We used it on my 15-year-old daughter Cambria, when she had her gallbladder removed this fall. The scar was quite sizable and now is almost invisible. Thanks so much for the great product!”
Doug Berkey

“I work out-of-doors in Colorado. Despite liberal application of insect repellent, painful mosquito bites occur. Immediate applications of JungaJoos prevent the bites from the usual itching, swelling and infection.
“JungaJoos is a blessing. Thank heaven for JungaJoos.”
Jack R. Box; Boulder, CO

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Comments from people who've used JungaJoos…

“Bill, just a note to thank you for the JungaJoos. We used it on my 15-year-old daughter Cambria, when she had her gallbladder removed this fall. The scar was quite sizable and now is almost invisible. Thanks so much for the great product!”
Doug Berkey

“I work out-of-doors in Colorado. Despite liberal application of insect repellent, painful mosquito bites occur. Immediate applications of JungaJoos prevent the bites from the usual itching, swelling and infection.
“JungaJoos is a blessing. Thank heaven for JungaJoos.”
Jack R. Box; Boulder, CO

“Dear Mr. Reed – I’d like to thank you for the JungaJoos you introduced to me for applications on bites, cuts, burns, and bruises.
“I recently was working in my back yard with a power washer and it stopped running. I inadvertently put my hand on the manifold. At that point, I was in severe pain and all I could do was think about what to put on my hand. I applied the JungaJoos and an ice pack for the next 3 to 4 hours until the pain subsided.
“My hand never blistered or scarred, even though I incurred white burn marks throughout my palm and finger tips.
“The JungaJoos is great. Could you please send me additional bottles? I keep it in my first aid kit at home and on the boat.

“Thank you again.”

Robert E. Samara; Miami, FL

“Dear Mr. Reed:
“On Wednesday, I was fishing on Sarasota Bay when I caught a catfish. Upon removing the hook, the fish stinger cut my wrist. I had immediate pain and it bled quite a bit. I had much discomfort till I arrived at home and cleaned it and applied JungaJoos. The pain left almost right away and I did not have any swelling.
“I don’t want to be without JungaJoos. I use it all the time for cuts, burns, rashes or anything else that ails me!”
Ivan Redcay; Sarasota, FL

“I have been involved as a consulting engineer with the development of “Jungle Juice” which was more recently become ‘JungaJoos’. I have been aware of its soothing qualities when applied to small cuts, bruises, and burns. Following sunburn, its application stops pain, reduces redness, and diminishes the potential for blistering. The pain and itchiness from bites are greatly reduced, especially when the application is made soon after the bite.
“The most interesting usage for me, however, has been to relieve pain in the muscles surrounding my right hip. I have a degenerative hip condition that has become very painful, following certain types of exercise. I have been under the care of doctor Helmut Weber (of Germany and Sarasota, Florida) who has been successful in restoring damaged joints with therapy, stretching, and manipulative procedures, in lieu of joint replacement. The therapy has caused tremendous improvement in my hip condition, but the procedure requires patience, work, and time to correct the condition.
“I have found that with regular application of “JungaJoos,” the pain that is associated with my hip condition is dramatically reduced, but that it reoccurs if I should miss more than one day of application. Three times I have inadvertently experienced these phenomena, then with renewed applications the pain is relieved and the muscle spasms that seem to be in sympathy with the joint condition are released.
“I have involved much of my family, particularly my wife, children and grandchildren, in the use of ‘JungaJoos’ with results very similar to my own.”
E.R. “Don” Bennett; Sarasota, FL

“Dear Mr. Reed:

“Last week, after doing some routine work in my yard, I developed a rash with red warts on my forearm. The medicine cabinet had alcohol and calamine lotion, but neither provided more than momentary relief from the itching and burning of my poison ivy infection.
“My fiancé then pointed to a bottle on the medicine cabinet that I immediately mistook as a suntan lotion. The product, JungaJoos, has been given to her by a friend. She insisted that it was not suntan lotion, and that I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.
“The JungaJoos stopped the discomfort and spread of the rash within minutes. I applied it four times a day for five days. By the morning of the sixth day, the poison ivy was completely gone. Thank you for your wonderful product, it will always have a place in my medicine cabinet.”
Sincerely Yours,
Barnet Cohen, East Quogue, NY

“Dear Mr. Reed:
“Your product ‘JungaJoos’ has made such a big difference in keeping my acne away and may even to helping heal the scars I’ve had for years. After the first two days of using this, I started to notice a difference in my skin, and after about a month my acne was completely gone!
“Friends were telling me that they noticed a big difference in my appearance. After telling my best friend, he looked at me and said, ‘I had noticed that your face completely cleared up!’ The next thing they wanted to know is how they could get some. Now, I’m going to have a start hiding my own bottle because my brother uses it so much. About two weeks ago, I ran out and was unable to stop in and get more. In that time, I broke out once, but it was nothing like I used to have on a regular basis.
“I am very fortunate for you to have found me and tell me about your product. I plan to use all of them for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.”
Yours Truly,
Kevin Flanagan; Sarasota, FL

“My husband and I recently attended a birthday party for our niece in Orlando. During our visit, a four-week-old child of a guest was stung by a wasp. We happened to have a spray bottle of JungaJoos that we carry with us for bites, burns, etc., and immediately applied it to the place where the child was stung.
“Within ten minutes, the pain was gone and the swelling completely eliminated.”
Marcia Lewis; Sarasota, FL

“I have used JungaJoos for insect bites. Within 2 to 5 minutes after using JungaJoos, all stinging pain disappeared. All swelling was gone in 15 minutes.
“I have also used JungaJoos for bruises. I sprayed JungaJoos on the bruise in the morning and before going to bed. Within 24 hours, the black/blue turned a kind of yellow color, and within 2 days was hardly noticeable.
“I have used JungaJoos on a few scratches and on a cut. Healing seemed to occur almost overnight. I have never had a scratch or cut heal as fast as the JungaJoos treated area did.”
Valda C. Morgan; Cass City, Michigan

“During a mild, mid-September rain, I suffered a momentary lapse of reason and dropped a ninety-pound bowsprit on my right toe. The result was much as one would expect when using a book to swat a fly which had landed atop a cherry tomato. After spending over an hour in surgery, and three days in the hospital (and more money than I care to think about), the doctor explained that I might not lose the toe, which is why he decided not to amputate it. But it was so damaged that he could only sew stitches at three corners, since there was nothing left to. He also told me it would never rival its opposite for beauty, and being an extremity, it would take a very long time to heal. And it would hurt.
“Well…he was right and he was wrong. True, if it were unmarried, it would probably remain a spinster, but it didn’t hurt. The nerve was so traumatized, there was no pain. The healing process was slow, tedious and unattractive.
“At this point, you suggested some of your magic stuff, JungaJoos 77. Within a day, the weeping stopped, and a hard scrab began to form, providing much needed protection. I called and you suggested that I begin using another arcane healing potion of your design to aid in the process beneath what had begun to knit, JJ-B. The dead skin dried and sluffed off, leaving shiny new, piggy-pink skin, with only limited scarring.
“There has been no infection, no suppuration, and no further distortion of the nail bed, since beginning to spray on your formulae. It is becoming spiffy and very toe-like. The surgeon was amazed and requested more information.
“My Toe and I thank you, Bill. Attaboy!”
M.S. Martin; Sarasota, FL

“Dear Mr. Reed:
“I am a firm believer in the healing and preventive qualities of JungaJoos. My daughter, Emory, will be 2 in November. She has had recurring problems with diaper rash, particularly when she is teething. The rash can be very painful for her. I have tried many ‘remedies’ and preventative measures, with varying success. Even the ointments recommended by the pediatrician would take up to a week before there was a noticeable difference.
“Then I tried JungaJoos. I have found this to be the most effective treatment, and preventative, for diaper rash. With regular application, my daughter now has infrequent rashes, and if she does get a rash it heals in 1-2 days, rather than the 5-7 days of traditional treatments.
“Emory looks forward to her “Papa Juice” at diaper changing time (since she knows the Juice came from her grandfather). The application is much more comfortable for her than traditional creams and ointments.
“Seeing how well the JungaJoos worked on our daughter’s rash, my husband tried it on a patch of skin on his wrist that is persistently dry, red and itchy. The JungaJoos worked for his problem, too.
“Now, whenever anyone in our family has a skin irritation, the first thing we use is JungaJoos.”
Very truly yours,
Tami F. Conetta; Sarasota, FL

“Dear Sir(s):
“I have used your new product (JungaJoos) and found it to work very well. I used it on my grandson for fire-ant bites. It relieved the sting and itch in just moments.
“My daughter-in-law used it on her leg after burning it on motorcycle exhaust pipe. She said that after about 30 seconds she could not even feel the burn anymore.
“I have used it myself for insect bites and burns, and have found it to work very well.”
Kathy Hicks; Magnolia, TX

“On December 26, 2004, I passed out and fell from a two-and-a-half-foot platform. I received a deep gash over my right eye brow that necessitated me receiving eleven stitches. Shortly after my discharge from the hospital, Mark Wurfeld sent me a bottle of ‘JungaJoos’ created by Bill Reid. Though I was a sight when I was discharged, it was truly remarkable how quickly the wound healed from the inside out. Today you would have to look closely on my brow to see the effects of that accident. I heartily recommend this marvelous product for the healing of such wounds.”
Pastor Edward B. Berkey

“Dear Sir,
“About a year ago we acquired a container of JungaJoos. Since that time we have had occasion to use this product a number of times. At first sight this solution does not appear very impressive, but the results when applied change that first impression.
“JungaJoos has brought almost instant relief from the itching of a couple of non-poisonous spider bites. We have used it several times on burns and have received good results. Our grandson slipped while roller blading and scraped an elbow. We applied Jungle Juice and there was relief from the pain without the stinging sensation from using iodine, etc.
“We have been quite pleased with this product and will continue to keep it on our medicine cabinet.”
Lloyd – Virginia Bennett; Lebanon, NH