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Soliqua provides a safe and cost-effective means to clean virtually any surface and remove most stains.

Developed by Oxium LLC, Soliqua is a clean, biodegradable, non-toxic, water-based product that cleans by breaking apart, releasing, and emulsifying dirt, grease, oils, and stains from both hard and soft surfaces. It contains no phosphates, no soaps, no oils, no animal fats, no detergents, no glycerol, no triglycerides, and no fragrances.

Soliqua neutralizes and removes all types of odors from any surface it comes in contact with. This includes pet urine, smoke, dishwashers, laundry machines, garbage disposals, etc.  Unlike typical cleaners and deodorizers, Soliqua leaves no residue behind.

Soliqua saves time and effort, and produces superior results.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE on all surfaces, removing dirt, grease, odors, and most stains.

SAVES TIME because it dries faster, uses less water, and doesn’t require special chemicals or disposal.

COST EFFECTIVE as it requires only 2 ounces per gallon in most cases.

FRESH, CLEAN and SAFE with no fragrances, no solvents, no oils, no phosphates, no soaps, no glycerin, no masking agents, and no odor.

Soliqua works for virtually all:

Metal Floors, Walls Homes
Plastic Kitchens, Bathrooms Offices
Vinyl Furniture, Upholstery Restaurants
Wood Rugs, Carpets Hotels
Fabric Indoor Appliances Auto Shops
Carpeting Outdoor Appliances Hospitals, Clinics
Stone Tools, Equipment Manufacturing Equipment
Concrete Garages, Decks Industrial Facilities
Painted surfaces Toys Municipal
And More! And More! And More!

So SAFE and POWERFUL, it cleans up Oil Spills.

What is more heartbreaking than an oil spill that kills wildlife, and destroys our beaches for years to come?

Fortunately, that’s not something we have to live with anymore. Soliqua has demonstrated the ability to quickly and cost-effectively remove oil from beach sand, with no danger whatsoever to plant life or wildlife.

Here’s how Soliqua produces superior results…

Soliqua is a specialized blend of non-toxic, biodegradable materials that are combined and processed in a proprietary manner to achieve superior cleaning and deodorizing capability over virtually any other cleaning product known.

Old-fashioned cleaners work one of two ways:

  • They use some form of fat or oil to attract and encapsulate the dirt.
  • Or they use harsh chemical solvents to breakdown the contaminants (and everything else it touches).

That’s where Soliqua is different. Rather than using fats or solvents, Soliqua uses our Micronetically organized water, mixed with non-toxic, biodegradable materials. Our water enhances the abilities of the materials far more than what is possible with regular water. This combination helps to dissolve and release the contaminants from the surfaces and materials where it is applied. The contaminants can then be simply rinsed away with water.

Water-based, user-safe, and environmentally safe, Soliqua is the “green cleaning solution” the world has been looking for.

Cleaning an EPDM roof

Cleaning and Deodorizing Commercial Restroom Tile and Grout

Cleaning Concrete Parking Area with Mold, Mildew and Grease

Cleaning Paint from Existing Brushes

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