Oxium’s patented Micronetic process produces
revolutionary new products from water.


From hardening concrete, to stopping forest fires, to cleaning up oil-spills, to improving crop yields, this nanotechnology brings untold new benefits to the world.

First developed over 25 years ago to save a crumbling historic church, the Micronetic process physically alters pure water at the atomic level, thus allowing it to accomplish previously unheard-of tasks never before thought possible.

The Micronetic process leverages the unique characteristics of water molecules in multiple ways, such as making them both positively and negatively charged at the same time. This unique, multi stage process dramatically changes the behavior and fundamental characteristics of water.

Normally a highly cohesive compound, water molecules will naturally pull themselves into comparatively large droplets. After Micronetic processing, however, those modified water molecules can combine with other gases and/or other elements and compounds, producing unique new compositions that perform super-human duties at the molecular level.

For example:

  • The FireStall product will stop a raging forest fire dead in its tracks.
  • The OxoCrete product will penetrate, harden and restore concrete up to 8 inches thick.
  • The Soliqua product will smother dust, and remove industrial grease and oil from dirty floors and dirty beaches.
  • The MicroGlass product will make pool plaster resistant to chemicals.
  • The WoodWorxx product will restore old wood to “like new” condition.
  • The AquaPlex products will improve the health and wellbeing of people, plants, and livestock.
  • The Metacon product will remove rust from corroded metal.
  • The Nacura products will treat skin ailments in a highly effective manner.

ALL of these products are created from pure water, and are all non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and FDA rated as GRAS (“Generally Regarded As Safe”).
Additional products are in development, and will be announced to the public after proper testing.

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